Leather Jacket

Hiiii 🙂

It’s kind of sad that the warm sunny summer days are probably definitely over this year, but on the other hand, now it;s time to get all cozy and stuff. I love shopping for autumn/winter clothes like sweaters, scarves, leggings and hats. Not so long ago I purchased an amazing light lime green sweater in H&M. It’s really soft and flowy. Good for layering. I also had my eye on some black leather jacket. I feel like it’s a piece of clothing that is a “must have” in everyone’s closet, and I wanted some really soft one. They had a few that I liked in Mango, but today I found a decent one in New Yorker for an amaaaazing price.  It was only 30euros. I’m not really sure how long it will last, but I couldn’t not buy it for that price.

I can’t wait to wear it, layer it and be all warm, cozy and stylish in it.

Loads of love,




Marc and Juicy


Two new pieces to my perfume family 🙂 The summer edition of Marc Jacobs Oh LoLa (I know, summer is about to end, but I love that fresh floral smell, needless to say that I love the bottle) and the classic Juicy Couture fragrance. I find this smell very conservative yet different. I would say it’s like a little black dress in fragrance world. Good for every occasion.



Today is a shopping day

I am on a holiday in a cute cottage in the middle of mountains, and today we had a trip to a nearby town and ofcourse, I did some shopping.

I got hot pink striped shorts, which i can’t wait to pair up with plain white tshirt or crop top and white converse.

Then I got 2 yankee candles, pink sands and pineapple cilantro. They smell soooo yummy I wanna taste them.

Next I got 2 Maybelline color whispers, in colors Mad for magenta and Coral ambition. Mad for magenta looks real mad, but when you apply it, its a very pretty pink color. The awesome thing was that there was a special treat. For each color whisper you bought, you got free Maybelline Great Lash mascara, so I got two of them for free. 🙂

At the end of the day I wanted to get an ice cream, and I saw a place where they were selling “smurfie” icecream and I obviously had to get it. Tasted like fresh cotton candy, yum.

Oh and I almost forgot. I passed by a shop that was selling wedding accessories and they had the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. It was so beautiful, full of crystals and beads.


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