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Marc and Juicy


Two new pieces to my perfume family 🙂 The summer edition of Marc Jacobs Oh LoLa (I know, summer is about to end, but I love that fresh floral smell, needless to say that I love the bottle) and the classic Juicy Couture fragrance. I find this smell very conservative yet different. I would say it’s like a little black dress in fragrance world. Good for every occasion.



Today is coffee day



I woke up in a great mood, so I decided to treat myself with a coffee and tiramisu in Starbucks, while editing some pictures and blogging. I might go to IKEA to buy some candles later on, because they have a new autumn collection. I want to get the pumpkin pie candle so badly 🙂




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Today is a shopping day

I am on a holiday in a cute cottage in the middle of mountains, and today we had a trip to a nearby town and ofcourse, I did some shopping.

I got hot pink striped shorts, which i can’t wait to pair up with plain white tshirt or crop top and white converse.

Then I got 2 yankee candles, pink sands and pineapple cilantro. They smell soooo yummy I wanna taste them.

Next I got 2 Maybelline color whispers, in colors Mad for magenta and Coral ambition. Mad for magenta looks real mad, but when you apply it, its a very pretty pink color. The awesome thing was that there was a special treat. For each color whisper you bought, you got free Maybelline Great Lash mascara, so I got two of them for free. 🙂

At the end of the day I wanted to get an ice cream, and I saw a place where they were selling “smurfie” icecream and I obviously had to get it. Tasted like fresh cotton candy, yum.

Oh and I almost forgot. I passed by a shop that was selling wedding accessories and they had the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. It was so beautiful, full of crystals and beads.


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What nailpolish??


Nailpolish guide

I find this guide very helpful, when I have troubles choosing the right nailpolish for certain occasions.

This little guide gives you an idea in which color categories and shades to look around for various events.

Have fun making your precious hands pretty and glamourous.

Love, Lucia


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DIY Mermaid Iphone Case


DIY Mermaid Iphone Case

You will need:

1. plain plastic iphone cover (silicone ones won’t work)

2. nailpolish remover

3. any nailpolish with huge sparkles

4. top coat nailpolish



1. clean the cover with nailpolish remover, to make sure its grease free.

2. apply several coats of the glittery nail polish. The more, the better.

3. after waiting few hours for the nail polish to dry, apply top coat, to seal the glitter.

4. wait at least 24 hours before using the case.




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